Finding genuine Australian SEO Services can be a muddle of an exercise, especially with the many competitors trying to each other’s lunch. Finally there is an easier and more effective way to find the best Australian SEO Services.

If you’re a webmaster and/or own a business of your own, you already know how important a website can be, both for your brand image and attracting customers. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key because it acts as a very important tool to be able to boost your Google rankings and lift your overall search engine presence.

Taking the leap to look for quality Australian SEO Services can provide your website with the lift it needs to gain more traffic and convert that traffic into paying customers. There are many SEO Agencies in Australia that can provide you with good quality Australian SEO Services that will catapult your business in the right direction. Making sure you find a credible SEO Agency is toughest part because if you select incorrectly and go with the cheapest option you can put yourself and your business in a bad spot.

The best options for SEO

There are so many different options for Australian SEO Services and whilst there are some really good SEO Agencies that can offer results, there are also many agencies that are pretending to be 100% Australian but they are not. These pretend agencies choose to outsource their work overseas and by doing so, most of these individuals/organisations they freelance to usually resort to using BlackHat SEO techniques. This is because they are the cheapest and quickest to do but offer no real value at all, except for the dodgy agency that is offering you them as it puts money in their pocket whilst ripping off yours.

If you’re a business/website owner that is searching for the best Australian SEO Services then make sure you do your homework first before signing up and paying them any money.

Doing your homework:

Before picking your new SEO Agency you must do your due diligence by researching about them and asking the agency directly if they outsource any of their work. If the answer is ‘yes’ and they do outsource their work, it is a big yellow flashing red sign in your face to STAY AWAY! You do not want your website to be linked to any BlackHat techniques as this will put the kibosh on your business and sink you quicker than you ever thought possible.

Truth Fact: 93% of Australian SEO Services offered on the web actually outsource their work to overseas countries like India and Pakistan.

If I don’t do my homework or select an SEO Agency that outsources their work, what happens?

The absolute worst thing that could happen to you would be receiving a negative Google Penalty on your site and this is something you DO NOT want!

What is a Google Penalty?

A Google Penalty is a negative adjustment that Google puts against your website’s score for trying to circumvent their policies. This is usually due to using BlackHat SEO strategies and because it is seen as a bad practice in Google’s book, you will get penalized for it. If you were unlucky enough to receive a penalty from Google, you would stand to lose on average 90% of your overall organic website traffic. After you got hit by the penalty you would need to recover your loss by way of some sort of google recovery service. This would cost you even more money and can be a painful lesson to learn for any business or website owner. Depending on the how severe the situation is and how much damage has occurred, the process of recovery can take anywhere from 3-9 months for your website to be fully restored back to the way it was before. Obviously setting back your business to 9 months in the past is NOT something you want to do at all.

Steps ahead:

Don’t expect miracle results in a matter of days like some agencies promise you because SEO has to be treated as a continual and gradual process.  It can take several months of continually executing the correct strategy and using the best quality SEO Services to get the results you want.