Fitrova ICO

Over the past couple of years, the world has witnessed an increase in the popularity of blockchain technology and a rise in the relevance and value of cryptocurrencies. It initially started with Bitcoin in 2009 but in recent times, a lot of other cryptocurrencies (known as altcoins) have risen up. In fact, several of these cryptocurrencies have been useful in real-world cases, with their applications spreading across various fields including agriculture, engineering, Fintech, gaming, health and fitness among others.
One such cryptocurrency which is set to positively disrupt the health and fitness industry is Fitrova.

Fitrova’s Mission

Fitrova is a platform which was created to provide a safe and transparent payment system for the health and fitness industry, using blockchain technology. The platform will also be used to securely store and maintain all billing and membership details, and also correctly log user flow. This would allow all individual goals and feedback of each individual client to be shared among the wide network of the health clubs which are part of the Fitrova platform.

How Fitrova Works

Fitrova is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based decentralized payment system, which has its own native cryptocurrency known as the Fitrova Token, FRV. FRV are ERC20 compatible tokens which utilize the Ethereum network to provide a medium for tracking FRV through Smart Contracts between individual members of the network and ensuring a secure, quick, inexpensive and seamless Global Payment System for all customers. Fitrova tokens are already becoming more popular in the health and fitness industry.

The platform uses Fitrova Implemented Blockchain Technology (FIBT), an innovative new technology which will allow health and fitness clubs to gain more control over their day-to-day operations and also provide added benefits to club owners through the use of smart contracts. Using Smart Contracts, FIBT also comes packed with a lot of benefits. FIBT is essentially based on the Ethereum platform, which means it can harness the power of smart contracts to facilitate transactions between two anonymous parties in the network, allowing them to conduct business with each other in a much faster and inexpensive way. The secure storage and management of data, and the way transactions are processed are all in compliance with Ethereum’s ERC20 standards.

Fast, Inexpensive & 100% Reliable

The FRV Token allows users to make payments with relative ease without having to worry about sky-high transaction fees they’d normally incur from the third-party payment systems. Fitrova also allows near-instant processing and verification of transactions. Apart from that, it allows the secure distribution of important client data all over the network.
Fitrova Implemented Blockchain Technology (FIBT).

Secure Client Privacy

Privacy is very important, especially nowadays where hackers are constantly looking for a way to gain access to systems and steal user data. This is why details such as address, date of birth, email address and other personal details about a client need to be kept out of the wrong hands. The user information is ONLY shared with the health club they’ve chosen to share it with. Fitrova protects private client details about a client/member by storing it in a secure way, so as to prevent possible data breaches.

Accurate Client Records

Having an efficient record keeping system which is capable of logging individual transactions within a secure distributed ledger is important for any health club to sustain its growth by not only retaining existing members but also acquiring new clients.
This allows membership information to fully integrated within the structured blockchain for precise record keeping in a seamless way. Information stored on the Fitrova blockchain is secured and efficiently logged to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Membership Logs & Timestamps

Accurately logging each member’s visit with a timestamp (i.e. the exact time and date) he/she visited the health club along with the equipment they used will aid with tracking user flow and equipment negligence. As a result, each member’s visit can now be fully tracked with an exact timestamp of entry/exit to the premises along with being able to trace the start time & duration of individual equipment use.

With a clear vision and a lot of amazing features, Fitrova is definitely out to revolutionize the health and fitness industry. This isn’t something you would want to miss out on so become a part of this innovative project today!